Having made a success as a cement contractor and builder in San Francisco, and having acquired a sufficient amount of money, Victor Stanquist is making a decided success of the orchard business and is using the same thoroughness and faithfulness in this line that he did in the other lines of work. He was born at Wisby, Gotland, Sweden, July 25, 1868, the son of Lars Nicholas and Maria Christina (Jungman) Stanquist. The father was a ship's carpenter, while the paternal grandfather was a well-known locksmith, machinist and blacksmith in Sweden.

Victor began his schooling in the common schools of Sweden; then studied navigation, and passing all required examinations successfully was duly licensed as a navigator. He sailed for several years on Swedish, American and English ships and visited France, England, Italy, Spain, South America and North America ports. At the end of seven years he removed to America and settled in Illinois and sailed the Great Lakes for one year. He was quartermaster on the first "whaleback" freight boat on the Great Lakes; and made Chicago his headquarters.

In 1890 he married Miss Hanna Christine Peterson, born at Slite, Sweden. While living in Chicago, he worked in a hardware store and thus had his first business experience. He removed to California in 1893 and settled in Alameda, where his brother Edward lived. Mr. Stanquist bought a home in Alameda and resided there until 1901. While residing in Alameda he worked for Gray Brothers, general contractors in cement work, until 1898, when he started in business for himself; two years later he went to Nome, Alaska, but only made expenses; retuning to San Francisco he again opened a cement contracting business. While he met with many discouragements, he won his way to the front, having 100 men and seven teams on his payroll. He constructed the first large reinforced concrete business block in San Francisco after the fire, namely the Flannery Building; he also put in the foundation of the Lincoln building; St. Ignatius Church; St. Paul's and St. Peter's, and also built several large concrete garages.

During 1908 Mr. and Mrs. Stanquist made a trip to Sweden to visit their old homes. Her parents are still living, but his have now passed away. In 1904 Mr. Stanquist became a member of the Golden Gate Lodge No. 30, F. & A. M., of San Francisco and is a member of the Islam Temple, A. A. 0. N. M. S. of San Francisco. He is a charter member of the Swedish-American Balder Lodge. Mr. and Mrs. Stanquist reside on their ranch of thirteen acres known as the "Lone Oak" ranch on Dale Avenue one mile southeast of Mountain View, which is devoted to apricots, cherries and peaches. In 1922 Mr. Stanquist helped organize the Growers Ice and Pre-Cooling Plant at Mountain View. This organization has just completed a $60,000 plant at Mountain View, and is the best thing for the growers of the vicinity that has ever been started.
From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1196


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