In the rural district at Lexington, near Los Gatos, William A. Whitehurst was born February 25, 1864, a son of the pioneer lumberman and banker of Gilroy L. A. Whitehurst who was born in Princess Ann County, Va., June 4, 1834. His parents moved to St. Louis, Mo., when he was six years old and there resided for four years. In 1849 he crossed the plains to California and for a time mined in Butte County, but met with poor success and returned to Missouri in the winter of 1852. He once more returned to California, in 1859, and located in Sacramento, but remained there only a short time, when he moved to Santa Clara County on the Santa Cruz toll-road and engaged in lumbering. In 1869 he went back East for a visit but returned the following year and took up his residence in Gilroy. In 1875 he became connected with the Bank of Gilroy and served as its president for about three years. He had married Miss Hettie A. Logan, a native of Missouri, on January 31, 1860. William A. was reared and schooled at Live Oak and Gilroy, later supplementing with a business course at Heald's Business College in San Francisco. In 1884 he took active charge of the lumber yards at Gilroy for his father, who had organized the old bank of Gilroy and was employed in its management. For twenty-two years he operated and successfully managed the lumber business, and was succeeded by his brother, Logan L. Whitehurst.

In 1891 Mr. Whitehurst was united in marriage to Miss Mae V. Bradbury, a daughter of the pioneer Hiram Bradbury, now deceased, who was a foreman on the Miller & Lux ranch. They became parents of five children: Thelma, G. R. N. of Queen's Hospital, Hawaiian Islands; Albert, has been an invalid for sixteen years; Hettie, in training at St. Luke's Hospital, San Francisco; Ed, a student, and Charles, also a student. Mrs. Whitehurst passed away at the home place in Girroy December 11, 1911. The second marriage of Mr. Whitehurst occurred September 30, 1914, and united him with Mrs. Mable E. (Heyman) Owen, who has two children, Harold Owen and Ruth Owen, both of whom reside in San Francisco. Mrs. Whitehurst passed away in San Francisco January, 1921.

For eighteen years Mr. Whitehurst worked in the old bank of Gilroy as bookkeeper and assistant cashier. He has also served two terms on the city council of Gilroy. Fraternally he has been a member of the Odd Fellows since 1886 and has passed all the chairs. Politically he is a stanch Democrat Many have been the reverses in the loss of his first wife and the rearing of his children, and then in the loss of his second wife, but his courage and determination have never failed him.

 The beautiful Whitehurst ranch, which consists of some 3000 acres, is situated on the summit of the Santa Cruz mountains, overlooking the wonderful Santa Clara Valley. One hundred acres have been cleared and set to apple trees, which are just coming into bearing, and a more beautiful sight would be hard to find. Mr. Whitehurst owns a residence in Gilroy, but spends most of his time on the ranch. He enjoys the esteem and goodwill of a large circle of friends and acquaintances and gives freely of his time and means towards the development of his community.

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1455


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