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William Gussefeld
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William Gussefeld is a native of Prussia, Germany, where he was born February 7, 1850.  He commenced his apprenticeship, as a tailor, at the age of fourteen, and, after working the requisite number of years as an apprentice, and one year a “jour.,” he started for this country, landing on American soil March 22, 1869.  After a circuit of the principal places of the East and South, he returned to New York city, took a six months’ course in the art of cutting, and in 1872 embarked in business for himself at Wappinger’s Falls, New York.  He sent for his parents in Germany, who still reside at Wappinger’s Falls.

     On February 21, 1875, Mr. Gussefeld came to San Francisco, were, on October 25, he married Miss Josephine Janzen, of New Orleans.  On October 26, 1875, they chose San Jose, California, as their future dwelling-place, where they now reside, at No. 267 Orchard Street, and own their own house, and are thoroughly satisfied with the Golden West.  They have two daughters: Clara, aged twelve, *Alice*, ten, and a son, Willie, aged seven.

     Mr. Gussefeld carries on the business of merchant tailoring, at No. 64 South First Street, San Jose, and informs us that his trade is as satisfactory as he can wish for, being a steady, growing business, requiring the constant service of from eight to twelve experienced tailors the year around.  Mr. Gussefeld attends to all his own cutting and fitting, and is in direct communication with the Eastern importers and fashion framers, and carries a stock of goods in perfect keeping with the fashion and season.  He studies to meet the wishes of his patrons, and to this end has devoted his entire life, from the age of fourteen to the present, to the careful study of his business, never letting a year elapse without a trip to some leading and fashionable city, to study the advancement and evolution of his art.

Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H.S. Foote.- Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.

Transcribed by: Letisha Oddo Pg. 405

* transcribers note- Marriage record for Alice--------Sarta Clara County

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