W. W. Gillespie
  San Jose Brush Electric Light Company

Bio-Pen Pictures
W. Gillespie, Secretary and Manager of the San Jose Brush Electric Light Company, is a native of California, born in January, 1859, in the city of San Francisco, both of his parents being Scotch. His father, Arcibald Gillespie, came to California in 1849, during the early mining excitement, pursuing his trade as a blacksmith in the mines, also in San Francisco, but is now retired in San Jose.

W. W. Gillespie served an apprenticeship at the machinist’s trade, and worked at it a number of years; but when the science of electricity began to develop, his attention was turned in that direction, and he began the study of that branch of the science which deals with the practical uses of electricity. He became associated with the Electric Light Company at San Jose upon its organization, which was among the first companies in California to take up the business. He assumed charge of the engines and electrical apparatus for about two years. In 1884 he severed his connection with the company, but in 1885 he again became associated with them, assuming the position of secretary and Manager, the position which he now holds. Anyone visiting the office and machinery buildings at No. 52 North Fourth Street, and inspecting the splendid equipment and the perfection of its workings, are forced to the conclusion that Mr. Gillespie is a thoroughly practical man, and master of the situation. This company has one of the largest and most complete plants on the Pacific Coast.

Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H.S. Foote.- Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.
Transcribed by: Letisha Oddo    Pg. 400


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