A leader among the Italio- American population at San Jose, where he is very popular and where he has lived since 1868, is Egidio G. Zeiro, coming from a family who at one time were among the nobility of Italy, but when the government was overthrown at the time of Napoleon the First, they lost their titles.

He was born on January 23, 1854, in Genoa, Italy, and was the son of Giovanni Maria and Caterina (Basteri) Zeiro; the father was a lawyer and both parents have passed away. Captain Zeiro, as he is familiarly called by all who know him ,studied at the University of Parma in Lombardi, with the intention of taking up the profession of medicine, but instead he enlisted in the Italian army when eighteen years old, entering the engineer corps, and after four years in the army, he met a friend who was about to set out for the New World and decided to accompany him to California. He and his friend landed at San Francisco about forty-five years ago, and subsequently he became the editor of L'Indipendente, a semi-weekly publication in San Francisco, which was published in the Italian language, and which is now called the L'Italia, meanwhile studying diligently to perfect himself in the English language. He was engaged in newspaper work for eight or ten years, and after that did some work as local correspondent for Italian- American papers at San Francisco.

About thirty years ago he came to San Jose and now maintains offices in the Auzerias Building, where he is engaged in legal work for the Italian- American citizens, and also loans money, and translates legal documents and at times acts as court interpreter, and is perhaps consulted by more clients among the Italians than any other person in San Jose, He has helped build up and is prominent in the Italio-American societies and social circles and is president of the Italian Benevolent Society, a anew society capitalized at $60,000. Mr. Zeiro has been one the principals in instituting every Italian society in San Jose. He organized the San Jose Hussars, a military company, the equipment of which cost about $8,000. This company was at the Mid-Winter Fair in San Francisco and also has made trips on special trains to important festivals and celebrations in Los Angeles, Stockton, and Sacramento. Mr. Zeiro trained them and has been their captain since the organization of the company. In 1896 Captain Zeiro was appointed Italian Consul for the district of San Jose, serving for many years. He has traveled over the state a great deal and so acquired a wide acquaintance all over California.

Mr. Zeiro's marriage, which occurred at Berkeley, Cal., united him with Catherine De Pauli, who is a native of California, having been born in Bear Valley, Mariposa County, where her father was a pioneer and became a large merchant; and her brother, James de Pauli, was a merchant in Kern and was president of the Bank of Kern. Mrs. Zeiro was a graduate of Nortre dame Convent, in Berkeley, and is a cultured, talented woman, and their union has proved a very happy one. They are the parents of one child, Azalia, the wife of Earl L. Alderman, who is the head of the Earl P. Alderman Company, real estate, loans and insurance. Mr. Zeiro was president of the building committee that erected The Holy family Church in San Jose and he and his wife have always been active members. Mr. Zeiro's residence is at Fifteenth and San Fernando streets, and here he has made his home for a number of years. He is a member of the Druids and is its district deputy and has served as its president for twenty years. In national politics he is a Republican, prominent and active in county conventions.
Transcribed cferoben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 653

Additional Notes:

L'INDIPENDENTE; semi-weekly, Tuesdays and Fridays; Swiss
Italian; four pages; size 24x36; subscription $5; established 1879;
E. G. Zeiro & Co., editors and publishers; circulation I
from the book, "American Newspaper Directory" by Geo. P. Rowel & Co., New York.
transcribed by Phil Carnahan

Died May 19, 1894 Mariposa Gazette

     DE PAULI- In San Francisco, May 11, 1894, Mrs. Mary DE PAULI, aged 67 years, 5 months and 26 days.
     Mrs. DE PAULI was a native of Italy, but came to Mariposa county in the early days. She first lived with her family at Bear Valley and later at Coulterville, but some years ago removed to San Francisco. She is kindly remembered, and her children are well known here. They are Mrs. A. ARDIZZI, Mrs. E. G. ZEIRO,  Mrs. C. H. BUTLER, F. L. and James S. DE PAULI.