The Valley of Heart's Delight

History of Santa Clara County, California
San Francisco: Alley, Bowen & Co., 1881,

in  GILROY TOWNSHIP- page 303

San Felipe- This hamlet is situated about ten miles from Gilroy in the eastern part of the township, about three-fourths of a mile from the county line.  It consists of a hotel  built  in 1872; a post-office established July 10, 1868, with Elijah K. Dunlap as a postmaster; and a store which originally stood opposite to the hotel. There are but a few houses altogehter, the principal number of the residents being located in San Benito county.

San Felipe Hotel-  This inn was built in 1870 by E. K. Dunlap, and first conducted by a man named Benjamin.  It stands on the main road, is owned by George Niggle. who is also proprietor of the store continguous to it.  He is also postmaster, bieng appointed to the position in 1876.  The stage between Gilroy and Los Banos in the San Joaquin valley  passes here every day except Sunday.

San Felipe Cigar Factory- This company was originally established in Gilroy, about October, 1872, by the Consolidated Tobacco Company, under the general superintendence of J. D. Culp.  The building was situated in the northern part of the town.  Finally the association was wound up, and in 1876, the present enterprise was commenced at San Feliepe by J. D. Culp.  The premises consist of drying , packing, and manufacturing rooms, besides with curing houses, situated at about a quarter of a mile from the factory.  It gives employment in the cigar factory to seventy-five men, while the leaf used is entirely grown in the district.


SANTA CLARA -The Valley of Heart's Delight
July 20, 2005