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As its name indicates this village is the depot of the Southern Pacific Railroad, and  is entirely the result of that line of communication.  It was laid out by Hon. S. O. Houghton, of San Jose, in lots of one hundred and fifty feet square, while about the same time another town named Bayview was planned by Castro.  So far as can be gleaned from the plat of the village, recorded in March, 1865, twelve blocks of six lots each were projected, bounded by thoroughfares which received high-sounding names, that to the north being Front street; to the south, Dana and California streets; to the east, View street, and to the west Oak street, the site being intersected from north to south by Franklin, Bryant, Castro and Hope streets, and east to west by Villa and Dana streets.

Prior to the commencement of any town the railroad had a small ticket office , situated in a corner of one of Mr. Dale's fields, superintended by a  man named Shirley who was the first station agent.  In 1864, on the abandonment of the temporary building, which served as a depot, and the construction of the saloon of Shirley & Haines, which was purchased by the railroad for a station, the town may be said to have taken its start.  This was the first house in Mountain View Station.  The next was the hotel, built in 1865 by Daniel Frink and Shirley.  It was originally used as a saloon, but afterwards added to until it assumed the proportions which it shows to-day.  the third house erected was that of Amos Neff, in the same year, on the site directly opposite the hotel, but the railroad afterwards acquiring the ground it was removed to its present location in 1865.

In the year 1872 the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, organized a congregation and built a neat church building, under charge of Rev. Isaac L. Hopkins, this, with splendid brick warehouses of Smith & Bubb, erected in 1878, being the only buildings of any prominence in the village.  The secret societies are all well represented, the stores appear to drive a thriving trade, while the post-office, removed from the old town, and agency of Wells, Fargo & Co., all appear to have their share of business.

Methodist Episcopal Church, South
.-- This Church was organized in October, 1872 and the circuit set off under charge of Rev. Isaac L. HOPKINS, since when the following Reverend gentlemen have occupied the pulpit; 1873-4, Richard PRATT; 1875, L. C. RENFRO; 1876, C. P. JONES; 1877, Isaac L. HOPKINS; 1878, Isaac L. HOPKINS; 1879, George SIM; 1880, F. M. FEATHERSON.  The church, which has a seating capacity of about two hundred and fifty, was built in 1872, and is in the Mountain View circuit,which also includes Bayview, the congregation in the former place numbering about one hundred and twenty-five, and eighty or ninety in the latter.  The neat little edifice is situated on the confines of Mountain View Station.

Mountain View Lodge, No. 194. F. & A. M
- At a preliminary meeting held October 8, 1868, the following breathren being present:  W. GALLIMORE, H. N. BISHOP, S. WWILHEIMER,  W. G. JONES, A. J HOYT, William EPPEHEIMER,  G. W. SMITH, William BULLARD, Chris. MAYERS, A. F. BEARDSLEY, G. W. DAVIS, it was determined to petition the Grand Lodge for the establishment of a lodge at Mountain Veiw Station.  In due time Dispensation was granted, and the following officers chosen under it: G. W. SMITH, W. M.; G. W. DAVIS, S.W., Wiliam EPPENHEIMER, Treas.; A. J. HOYT, Sec.; William BULLARD, S. D.; Chris MAYERS, J. D.; W. G. JONES, Tyler.  The Charter was conceded December 26, 1869, with the following officers named :L  G. W. SMITH, W. M.; W EPPEHEIMER, S. W;  C. MAYERS, , J. W.  The present membership of the lodge numbers seventeen, while they meet in the Masonic Hall at Mountain View Station, on the first Tuesday of each month preceding the full moon.  Officers for the current term are : H. McCLERY, W. M.; W. WHITMORE, S. W.; S. WEILHEIMER, J. W.; G. E. SHORE, Treas.; W. FOSS, Sec.; John GRAHAM, S. D.;E. YOUNG, J. D.; C. MAYERS, Tyler.

Mountain View Lodge, No 59, A. O. U. W. -
The Ancient Order of United Workmen organized thier lodge No. 59, October 16, 1878, with the following Charter Members: William F. FOSS, S. G. ISAMAN, W. BABCOCK, G. E. SHORE, George T. WAGSTAFF, Walter HENDERSON, J. M. PAUL, A. ALEXANDER, J. P. PONCE, J. W. COULTER, M. Le DEIT, N. A. GILMAN, Peter TOWNE, J. L. McKIBBEN, E. A. MINSCH, L. COBLENTZ, H. D. ROBERTSON, the original officers being: William F. FOSS, P.M.W.; G. E. SHORE, M. W.; Walter HENDERSON, G. F.; W. BABCOCK, O.; S. G. ISAMAN, Recorder; L. COBLENTZ G.; N. A GILMAN, Financier; G. T. WAGSTAFF, Receiver; John PAUL, I. W.; A. ALEXANDER, O. W.; Trustees, H.. D. ROBERTSON,  Peter TOWNE, G.E. SHORE.  The present membership is thirty-two, who hold their meetings in the  Masonic Hall every Staurday evening.  The  officers of  the current term are. N. A. GILMAN, M. W.; J. L. ROSS, M. D., G. F.; J. C. SMITH, O.; G. T. WAGSTAFF, Recorder; J. R. STEWARTt, G; W. F. FROST,Financier; J. A.. HORNBERGER, Receiver; M. WALTERS, I. W.; R. HODGES, O. W.

Golden Wreath Lodge, NO. 327, I.O.G.T
.- The Good Templars instituted their lodge May 14, 1880, the Charter Members being: C. T SPRINGER , N.A. GILMAN, J. J. MOCKBEE, Miss L. B. GILMAN, Miss M. E. SMITH, Miss M. E. SMITH, John S. BAILEY, Joseph E. GRAHAM, A. CRITTENDEN, Miss Annie COLEMAN, Alick A. COOK, W. T. TRIPLETT, W. BRACHER, George GUTH, Henry HUFF, W. SMITH, A. W. MUNCY, E. J. GILLESPIE, David JENKINS, Frank KING, Jerome BAILEY, Miss Maggie KING, George R. SMITH, Frank GARDNER, Frank MORTON, Miss Grace SHORE, Miss Lizzie SPRINGER, John QUIRK, D. MURPHY, George SIM, T. S. STEALY the original holders of office being as follows ; N. A. GILMAN, W. C. T.; Miss Grace SHORE, W. R. H. S.' Miss Lizzie SPRINGER, W.L.H.S.; Miss Mary SMITH, W. V. T.; Charles SPRINGER, P.W.C. T.; J. S. BAILEY, W. Sec.; Miss Martha SMITH, Asst. Sec.; A. CRITTENDEN, W. F. Sec.; J. S. MOCKBEE, W. Tres.; Alick A COOK, W. I. G.; W. T. TRIPLETT, W. O. G.; Miss Lizzie GILMAN, W. Marshall; Miss Maggie KING, Asst, Marshal; Chaplain, Rev. Geo SIM; E. J. GILLESPIE, D. D. G. W. C. T.   The present memership is thirty-one, and meets every Friday at Congress Hall.  The officers for the current term are:  W. T. TRIPLETT, W. C. T.; A. MUNCY, W. R. H.S.; H HUFF, W. L. H. S.; Miss Lillie GILMAN, W. V. T.; N. A. GILMAN, P. W. C. T.; D. JENKINS, W. Sec.; Alick A. COOK, W. F. Sec.; J. MOCKBEE, W. Treas.; W. SMITH, W. Marshall; F. KING, Asst. Mar.; Miss Cynthia MOCKBEE, W. I. G.; T. STEALY, W. O. G.; John BAILIEY, W. Chaplain; E. J. GILLESPIE, D. D.G.W.C.T.

Mountain View Hotel---
---The hostelery was originally built in the year 1865 by Daniel Frink and_______Shirley, and was by them conducted for two years, when it was purchased by S. Weilheimer, and rented by him for several years, though he now has it under his own management.  It is situated on the corner of  Castro and Front streets in close proximity to the rail road depot, contains thirteen rooms, and will be found worthy the attention of transient guests.

Warehouses.--The two substantial brick warehouses situated here were construced and completed in May, 1878, by J. A. Wright, of Mountain View, for Messrs. Smith and Bubb.  The one built for the storage of hay is one hundred and sixty by fifty-six feet, twenty feet in the clear, and has a capacity of about one thousand five hundred tons   That used for grain is one hundred-and sixty-three, by forty-eight feet, is fourteen feet in the clear with a capacity of about twenty thousand sacks.  Up to the presnt these buildings have been found of paramount advantage to shippers during the last season both of them having been filled to thier utmost.
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History of Santa Clara County, California
San Francisco: Alley, Bowen & Co., 1881, pages 264-266